Tuesday, 8 November 2016

In an off-campus placement process, for technical round, project related questions are very important. You should be honest and prepared to explain your project and answer any question related to your project.

Tutorial Diary brings some of the questions related to projects important for IBM technical interview preparation.

  1. Why not tell us what your project does?
  2. Explain your project.
  3. What was your role in this project?
  4. Why did you selected this topic?
  5. How you can provide security to the content in the portal?
  6. Which platform did you chose to build your project?
  7. Why did you chose that platform?
  8. Benefits of your project.
  9. How many modules were there in your project?
  10. Explain each modules in your project.
  11. Did you use any algorithm?
  12. Explain the Algorithm.
  13. Convince me to buy your project.
  14. What were the business needs  for the implementation of this project?
  15. Did you do complet the project alone?
  16. What were difficulties that you faced while buildng this project?
  17. How much time did it take to complete your project?
  18. Did you take help from other people working on the other modules or teachers or any other?

There are more questions on the project. If we get them we will update and add it here. So stay tuned here to know more project related questions important for IBM placement and interview.

Disclaimer:Tutorial Diary is not connected to any company. The tutorials and questions provided here are based on observation and research done by Tutorial Diary Team. The main motive of Tutorial Diary is to provide skills and abilities to students seeking job. If any one has any query feel free to contact at info@tutorialdiary.com

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