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After you clear your written test you get to another round which is technical round. Technical round consists of technical questions based on profile and your area of interest.
This section covers commonly most asked Computer Networking Interview Questions in IBM Technical interview. These questions are very important. Go through these questions and prepare well.

Question: What is a network?
Question: What is OSI model?
Question: Explain different layers of OSI model.
Question: What is TCP/IP model?
Question: Explain layers of TCP/IP model.
Question: Difference between OSI and TCP/IP model.
Question: Which is more efficient OSI or TCP/IP model?
Question: What are different network protocols?
Question: Which protocol is used in your computer lab?
Question: What is switch?
Question: What is hub?
Question: What is Router?
Question: Difference between Switch, Router and Hub.
Question: What is WAN?
Question: What is MAN?
Question: What is LAN?
Question: Difference between LAN, MAN and WAN.
Question: What is IP address?
Question: How IP addressing works?
Question: What is a DNS name?
Question: What is IPv6?
Question:  What is the difference between IPv4 and IPv6?
Question: What is a subnet mask?

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