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Tutorial Diary brings you important questions for IBM placement preparation and Interview Preparation. In this part you will find questions on mixed topics. These question will help you practice, learn and improve your skills so that you can perform well in IBM placement and Interviews.

Question: Imagine a printer which prints 64 pages in a minute. When that printer printed for 3 hours except 10 minutes when there was paper jam, then how many pages will it print?
(a)         10000
(b)         20000
(c)         10880
(d)         11520
Answer: (c)
Solution: Printer prints 64 pages in a minute
Minutes it printed in 3 hours are:  60min*3hr-10min =170min
170*64=10880 pages

Question: An internet recently hired 8 new network, in advertisement 20 network already employed. All new network came from university A. In addition 75%of computer advertisement came from same university A. What fraction of original 20 network advertisement came from same university A?

(a)         13/20
(b)         20/13
(c)         15/20
(d)         15/13
Answer: (a)
8 new n/w,20 is already employed
total n/w=20+8=28n/w
so that 75% came from same university then 28*75/100=21
we all know 8 n/w is recently hired then 21-8=13
so that the fraction is=13/20

Question: A foreign language broadcast records which last 75 minutes on each of two sides. If it take 3 hours to translate one hour of broadcast, then how long will it take to translate 20 full records?

Answer: 150 hours



time taken to complete one record is 75*2=150,150/60=2.5hrs
so 2.5*20=50 full records
3 hrs to take onr hr broadcast ,so 50*3=150

Question: Let X be a four-digit number with exactly three consecutive digits being same and is a multiple of 9. How many such X?s are possible?

(a) 22

(b) 20

(c) 21

(d) 23

Answer: (b)


Let the four digit number be ′aaab′ or ‘baaa′.

Since, the number has to be a multiple of 9, therefore 3a+b should be either 9, 18 or 27.

Case I: 3a+b=9
Possible cases are: (1116,6111,2223,3222,3330,9000)

Case II: 3a+b=18
Possible cases are: (3339,9333,4446,6444,5553,3555,6660)

Case III: 3a+b=27
Possible cases are: (6669,9666,8883,3888,7776,6777,9990)

Hence, total number of cases is 20.

Question: In a software company 4/10 of people know C++, 2/4 of them know java, 2/8 of them know neither,find the total possibility to know C++?

Answer: ¼


possibility of knowing c++= 4/10
possibility of knowing java=2/4

there are 4 possibilities, 
a person knows java but not c++=2/4*(1-(4/10))=3/10
a person knows c++ but not java= 4/10*(1-(2/4))=1/5
possibility of knowing neither =2/8
therefore, probability of knowing any one language only= 3/10+1/5=1/2
therefore ,possibility of knowing both= total probability- probability of knowing neither- probability of knowing anyone language only 
total probability is always 1 
so, required probability= 1 -(2/8) -(1/2) =1/4


Question: How many rational numbers are between 1 and 5

(a) 3

(b) 2

(c) 0

(d) infinite

(e) finite.

Answer: infinite


let cost price is 100rs
then marked price will be:175rs
so to make no profit or loss the product should be sold at 100rs
now discount:175-100=75rs
so % discount:(75/175)x100=42.85%

Question: A man ate 100 bananas in five days, each day eating 6 more than the previous day. How many bananas did he eat on the first day?

Answer: 8


Intially 1st day=x
2nd day=6+x
3rd day=12+x
4th day=18+x
5th day=24+x
as per condition 5 days

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