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IBM HR interview questions checks certain qualities which are required for the job. Most IBM interviews are competency-founded, specializing in the candidate’s past historical past and motivation for applying. The foremost interview instruction you are able to do is to consider of examples of how you will have validated every of the company’s eight core expertise:

consumer center of attention
conversation knowledge
creative crisis solving
ardour for IBM
taking ownership

Below are the IBM HR interview questions which is very important IBM placement papers for IBM Interview Preparation.

Question: Tell me about IBM?
 Question: Why IBM?
Question: Your field of study is different from which you have applied in IBM, Will you be able to perform?
Question: What is your greatest strength?
Question: What is your greatest weakness?
Question: What are the projects you have taken up so far?
Question: Elaborate from one of your projects?
Question: Have you ever heard of IBM main frames or other IBM products? 
Question: Tell me something about Cloud computing?
Question: What is your source of inspiration?
Question: Are you comfortable to work overtime, Nights, Weekends?
Question: Define Success.
Question: How would you know you will be successful on this job?
Question:  What is attitude?
Question: Will you relocate?
Question: Will you able to put the interests of IBM ahead of your own interest?
Question: How can you say that you are a team player?
Question: How will your friend describe you?
Question: What you have learnt from your biggest mistake?
Question: What will you do if one of your team members is not working?
Question: What would you look for in a candidate for this role?
Question: What are your hobbies?
Question: Where do you see yourself in three years?
Question: What is your short term goal?

Question: What is your long term goal? 

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HR Interview

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Which is the most difficult part in IBM Placement Process?

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