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Below questions are intended for the purpose of placement and interview preparation of IBM. The questions are based on Business Communications which is a very important section to practice on.

Therefore practice and prepare for IBM interview and placemnt paper.

Question: Introduction should be added in letter:
(a) before brainstorm
(b) same time of body of letter
(c) at end of letter

Answer: (a)

Question: "Eclosure(3)" means the letter with 3 other documents.
(a) True
(b) False

Question: What to include in business letter
(a) purpose
(b) reason of writing
(c) For whom intended
(d) all of above

Answer: (d)

Question: In formal document prepared for meeting should contain
(a) Purpose of document
(b) User expection from the document
(c) Brief details n content about document
(d) All of these

Answer: (c)

Question: How to end business letter?
(a) regards
(b) sincerely
(c) respectfully
(d) a & c 
(e) all of these

Question: Kelly is a good babysitter.Qualified, professional and fun
(a) dangling modifer
(b) run on sentence
(c) a sentence fragment

Answer: (c) A sentence fragment

Question: Sign by blue ink is done to avoid photocopy

(a) TRUE


Answer: TRUE

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